Seeking a high school graphic design teaching position, educating students in interdisciplinary topics through a variety of teaching methodologies, specializing in Graphic Design, Typography/Fontmaking, Marketing/Branding, Multimedia Design, Printmaking, Bookmaking, etc. I possess 3+ years of teaching experience for university level students and over 12 years of concurrent industry experience, including 4 years as a Senior Graphic Designer within a marketing department and 8 years as a Creative Director.



Graphic Design, Web Design, Painting Murals, Watercolor, Illustration, Silkscreen Printing, Japanese Bookmaking, Community Engagement Events and Social Design, Providing Children/High School/College-level Workshops and Panel Speaking, Identity and Branding, Communication Arts, Print Collateral, Customized Logos, Typography, Packaging and Production, Calligraphy, and many more.


Graduate Student Instructor, San Diego State University (Aug 2011 – Dec 2014)

In the School of Art, Design, and Art History, I instructed the following courses, involving grading and assessing student work and curriculum design.

  • Graphic Design I: Principals of Logo Design
  • Graphic Design II: Fundamentals of Typography
  • Packaging and Branding Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Principals of Color and Form

As an Instructor/Teaching Assistant, I designed and developed day-to-day lessons and executed thought-provoking discussions. I created project-based learning assignments, encouraging critical thinking, analysis, and problem solving. My approach stresses the idea that art and design does not exist in a vacuum but, rather, in society and community, such that education can foster social responsibility and public engagement.

Graphic Design Instructor, Platt College of San Diego (Aug 2008 – Oct 2008)

Instructed the following courses, reviewed curriculum, and created assignments for college students:

  • Adobe Photoshop: Pixel editing software, including image acquisition, color theory, resolution for commercial printing, and high-quality photo retouching.
  • Adobe Illustrator: Topics included illustration, composition, typesetting, image transformation, simulation of spatial depth, and PostScript image preparation for commercial printing.
  • Typography: Type identification, type-faces and families, type copying, letter spacing, copy-fitting, designing with type, type as a communication and marketing tool.
  • Production: Printing processes, such as halftones and screens (1-color), duotones and overlay techniques (2-color), photo sizing, 4-color process printing, manual color separation and basic layout, imposition and bindery.


Creative Director and Educator, Crearte, the Graphic Designs Group (August 2007 – Present).

On a bi-monthly basis for past year, I lead community-based workshops, educating individual and corporate clients in collaborative art projects. (

I own a comprehensive graphic design and studio art company that provides graphic design, web, printmaking, and other studio art services and consulting work for corporations and individuals. My current and previous clients include:

—Adobe Systems Inc.
—US Green Building Council
—Balboa Park Museum
—Epson Printers
—Fujitsu America
—Suzie’s Farms
—Wild Willow Farms
—UC San Diego
—Dig Down Deep Garden Educators
—Bibles for America
—Zenbi Salon
—Newmatic Engineering
—Insight Dermatology
—ProSci, Inc.

  • Design websites for corporations and small businesses, and provide maintenance, mass emails, search engine optimization services.
  • Pre-flight all print material and negotiate with printers to provide most cost-efficient, quality designs.
  • Negotiate all contractual deals with vendors (printers, paper companies, programmers, subcontractors) and clients.
  • Conceptualized layout, corporate logo design, & corporate promotional products for nationwide promotional events.
  • Created and implemented name branding, associated logos, displays, print ads, packaging designs, and promotional pieces. Maintained websites and monthly newsletters for a large-scale, nationwide non-profit publications campaign.
  • Directed a team of three designers and coordinated with IT programmers, Editors, and Marketing Directors to launch websites and online news mailers. Coordinated efforts achieved successful and competitive web advertising campaigns that resulted in a 200% increase in initial responses and 80% retention rate.
  • Created the first bilingual brochure to attract the Spanish-speaking market.


Master of Fine Arts: Visual Arts & Graphic Design, San Diego State University (Dec 2014)
Bachelor of Fine Arts: Graphic Design, Cal State San Bernardino (June 2002)
Minor: Studio Arts-Printmaking


  • The Art Council Scholarship for “Farmers and Me” public engagement art project. Awarded only to 4 art students in the entire Art Department at SDSU.
  • “Farmers and Me” social engagement design project exhibited at The Athenaeum Music & Arts Library in La Jolla, CA (May through June 2014).
  • Woodland Scholarship, San Diego State University, a grant for the best creative designers based in San Diego (May 2014).
  • Creative Art Grant, California State University, San Bernardino, for “Open Memories Mural” project. Directed a team of muralists to paint a large mural (16’ x 8’) for CSUSB. Presented the mural before the Deans of the UC Regents, the Chicano Studies Dept., Foreign Languages Dept., Arts and Humanities, University Student Body Assoc., and the Head of the Mexican Consulates (2002 and re-presented in 2011).
  • Space4Art Gallery Show, San Diego, CA, (June 8-29, 2013).
  • Guest Speaker for “Life After Meal Plan” at San Diego State University for the Department of Political Science, touching on topics of sustainable food production and seasonal local farms.
  • Guest Speaker on a panel of artists for the program “Saving Seeds Artists” of New Mexico. The panel discussion was facilitated by the San Diego State Museum of Art Design.
  • Student Research Symposium Participant under “Sustainability” category at San Diego State University for the Art and Design Department.
  • Harvest Day at the Peninsula Jewish Community Center, gave engaging Printmaking workshop to community members to promote its community gardens and vegetables (Oct 2016).